May 2012 – A Few Random Things That Make Me Happy

So often it’s the small things in life that make one happy. This past weekend those small things were cacti & foam rollers for me.

And not that I’ll be in need of one anytime soon (I’m in the middle of the Arabian desert, after all) but seeing these wet-suits in the sporting goods store made me very happy as well.

Some of you follow my Goodreads and follow what I’m reading & rating and have seen me add several interesting books in the past month or so. And those that know me well, know I’ll have 3 or 4 books going at one time, well I do have a confession to make; I haven’t read ANY of those books. I started most of them and while the majority of them are indeed very interesting, what I’ve actually been reading this past month, or in truth RE-READING, is The Game of Thornes. In it’s entirety. All five books.

I love it even more the second time around. The whole crazy world of  Westeros, The Free Lands, The Wall, just makes me so happy. Which is on the weird side considering the sheer debauchery, fierceness, meanness, killing, lying, and scheming (just to use a few adjectives {adjectives? Eh, you get my meaning} to describe the series) the books contain.

Something else that made me happy because of the silliness of it. Today was the very first day I had my TV on since arriving into The Kingdom. Haha, yeap, it took me 22 days to figure out how to work the TV. OK, fine, I have another confession. I did not actually figure it out on my own. I had a house-call today by a beautician (are they called beauticians any longer? It sounds like stewardess to me.) She came over to do a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. Yeap, they make house-calls & the cost is half of what it is in The States.  Nada, the beautician showed me how to work the TV. Haha. She got a HUGE tip today.

And BTW, having a personal beautician make house-calls for me, makes me SO very happy.

I am so happy I am not so “plugged in” and “connected”. I have Wi-Fi at home and as stated above, just today turned the TV on. Do not have my iPhone or any SmartPhone for that matter, just a little Nokia that makes phone calls & sends text messages *gasp* and that is it. There is so much less “noise”.  The only thing I carry that “plugs in” is my Kindle. You know, to read Game of Thrones.

And while these past three+ weeks have been stressful, at times frustrating, a tiny bit lonely (for the most part that hasn’t bothered me a lot because I really am an introvert but with extrovert qualities. OK,  for another post), a huge work transition, working with 36 different nationalities, learning new machines, processes, programs, blah blah blah, in the end I am not ONE BIT regretful about taking the first step in this journey I’ve embarked on.

I’m in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I am a Rock Star!

 (Yes, this is a self-portrait in a fabric store. I was bored!)



  1. Ahh I want to read Game of Thrones! The fact that you are RE-reading it is another mark in its favor. That’s so neat that the beauticians do house calls. Seems very relaxing/convenient. And I want to read this intro/extrovert post, Miss Tahira! I love psych things like that 🙂

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