No Excuses

No Excuses.

Those who know & love me, know how I feel about excuses. I do no tolerate or abide excuses from anyone for anything. Come to me with an excuse, and you will never ever get my understanding or sympathy.

So why is it that I do not tolerate excuses from anyone EXCEPT myself? I have found & used every excuse under the Arabian sky as to why I couldn’t/can’t workout/train.

  1.  I was disappointed the cycling season was over. It’s from September to April, for obvious reasons; it’s too damn hot the bicycle would probably melt out in the desert anytime between May and August. So I hear this and I’m like “eh, no cycling for me until September then. I have a good *reason*” even though I have a perfectly good gym in my building with a stationary bike. Oooohhh but nooooo, I can not train on a  stationary bike for goodness sake, I’m a triathlete, it must be a spin bike.
  2. It’s too hot to run. How am I suppose to run in 100° F weather? I can’t, I’ll die. Even though there is a perfectly good treadmill in my gym. But ooooohhhh nooooo, I must run outside, the treadmill is for amateurs.
  3. Swimming. I can’t have ANY *reasons* for not swimming. A pool is within my compound (actually multiple pools within walking distance), it’s hot enough, convenient, etc., etc. Well, in fact I have been swimming, floating, cooling off, lounging, being quite leisurely about it, and doing it a lot.
  4. I have SO much on my mind. It’s stressful, a new environment, 36 different accents, new machines, programs, processes, testing, competencies, red tape, blah blah BLAH.


It stops here and now. Enough of the reasons excuses for my laziness. Get going with true laps & drills in the pool. Run on that treadmill. Ride that bike. And if the stationary bike & treadmill are too boring then run up & down the five flight of stairs in the building.

You must watch this video. It came across my feed and it pulled me out of my haze of excuses. Watch this and you will be ashamed of your very own excuses. Watch this and you will get out there. Watch this and remind yourself that YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO – YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THEN YOU KNOW. This guy is amazing. Bravo Arthur.




  1. Dear Tahira,
    First, let me say that I loved that video! I want to post that on my Facebook page if I can figure it out! Most importantly, it sounds like you’re being kind if hard on yourself; it doesn’t sound like you’re making excuses. You’ve made a major life change to a bunch of new things. It sounds fair that you’ve given yourself some time to acclimate so now back to business. Don’t tackle too much your first week. Pick one thing this week and get started. Check out pinterest for some really different treadmill workouts that help to keep it interesting. Bet you can do d some for the bike as well. Love your posts and love hearing about your life. Looking forward to your next post (a little pressure here!) and a log of how many miles you got in this week!

  2. Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate the advice! That I am definitely taking you up on – I will let you know how it goes. And yes, now it’s *back to business* And thanks for even reading my little blog – It makes me happy to post 🙂 (and I will soon, promise!) xo

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