FAQ’s Part 1

In an effort to answer some questions and to clarify some things, I’m posting a FAQ’s segment. I’ve gotten lots of questions about my everyday life, nursing, and Saudi Arabia in general, so I will try to address a few questions now and will update as more questions come to mind and more questions come up.

I will address the most common question first: 

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is illegal in the entire country. One can not go out and buy a bottle of wine at the local super-marker. There are no liquor stores. No bars. No clubs. It’s illegal to import it, export it, and it’s illegal to drink it. However, for ex-patriots, there is the option of attending Embassy parties & get-togethers, where alcohol is available. Now, I have also heard about the Emergency Room treating drunks – so where they get their alcohol, eh, who knows. I have also met some ex-patriots who have invited me to parties where they make their own alcohol. So, like anything else in the world, where there is a will there is a way, I suppose.

How hot is it, really?

It’s like walking into a brick wall of fire every time one steps outside. But having said that, one does get use to it – after those first few minutes of walking into that wall I just mentioned. And in the end, my favorite description, it is a “dry heat” after all. Plus, this is just the beginning I’m told…

How do you run or bike in your abaya?

This one made me laugh. I do not run or bike in the abaya. It’s way too hot outside to run or bike in anything. I run on the treadmill in my normal running clothes. Come September-ish, running & biking in the desert will be an option (without the abaya), but for now, all running is done inside or I hop on the stationary bike. And I’m in the market for an indoor bike trainer. Side note: no one walks in Riyadh least of all runs in Riyadh. It is not a pedestrian friendly city whatsoever. Traffic is CRAZY, some crazy driver would  run over a pedestrian, surely.

How does the male-female segregation work in the hospital?

No segregation for employees in the hospital or while working. Patients can request to only be taken care of be a female or by a male. However, the cafeteria in the hospital does have separate serving lines for female & males, as well as separate eating halls. 

What is your mailing address? Can I send you a goody package?

I can finally answer this question! The hospital has its own mailing system, so I did a little experiment; I ordered a little something from Amazon.com via USPS and the packet arrived in 1 week. Which was a huge surprise, because Amazon said it could take up to 4 weeks. I would still like to put a disclaimer on this: I take no responsibility for things getting “lost” in this mailing system. Just message me if you want my mailing address. 

And PS: please don’t send me any bibles, porn, alcohol, drugs, or pig products (I can’t help but laugh while writing this. Haha)




    • Haha, why a swimsuit, of course, to swim in when I’m in Thailand. And the Embassy parties? Haha, very similar to the Echo parties – more on that later 🙂 And what city? I can’t decide! I want to go everywhere. Will answer in FAQ’s part 2!

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