Status Post Two Months – 10 Things I’ve Learned While in Saudi Arabia

In four days I will have been in The Kingdom for two months. Two months? That’s all? Seems so much longer, eh?

I’ve been reflecting back on these last couple of months and I’ve realized I’ve learned a lot. So I’m going to share 10 things that I have learned in this time since arriving into The Kingdom.

  1. I have learned that I do not need the internet on my phone, and that I do not need to be plugged-in every single minute of the day. In fact, I have learned that I actually prefer it better when not plugged-in.
  2. I have learned that I do not have to check The News every day. I do not need to know everything that is going on in the world. I have learned I am much happier without The World News.
  3. I have learned that American politics makes me depressed and unhappy. The uninformed, the unintelligent, the sprouters and spewers, the ones who think they are right just because they shout the loudest and put out the most hatred, the lack of ordinary civility, the  bitterness, scorn, antagonism, and the shear venom towards someone with a different opinion is all just so repelling. And I have learned that I am quite grateful to be removed from it all.
  4. I have learned to always double my expected waiting times while in The Kingdom. For instance, if a trip to the local bank is needed, I have learned to tell myself beforehand that it will take approximately two and a half hours of my time. And this way, when I am out of there in one hour and  fifteen minutes, I feel like I hit the jackpot by getting into the, figuratively, fast lane today.
  5. I have learned to take my Kindle everywhere with me.
  6. I have learned that having manners is not a universal thing.
  7. I have learned that I can be as manner-less as the best of them. Just try and cut in front of me in line. It’s now a game for me. You will not cut in front of me and I will wear a huge smile on face as I don’t let you. They (*they* being most of the non-Westerners in the region, including the Saudi’s who take the prize for being the biggest manner-less group of them all) have no idea that I spent quite a few years in the Balkans. I know, very well, how to push and shove, I know how to blatantly and passive aggressively not let you cut in front of me, I know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to conducting oneself when it comes to order, lines, and queues.
  8. Inshalla \ˌin-shä-ˈlä\ meaning: : God willing. I have learned that people in this area truly believe EVERYTHING is up to Gods will.
  9. I have learned that there really is a reason why the entire world seeks out medical attention in the USA.
  10. I have learned that it is not practical to get a black rug. (Black. What WAS I thinking?)
    (ok, so I lied, I’m adding more one thing I’ve learned…)
  11. I have learned that there will always be haters. No matter what part of the world one is in. And I have learned the best way to deal with the haters. Eh, acknowledge they exist, then shrug them off, and go about the beauty of your day.




  1. Ha ha Balkan rudeness….your post brought back memories from Ferizaj post office where Linda and I had some…glad to hear it’s not just the Balkans

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