Travel theme: Parks


Ailsa choose Parks for this weeks Travel Theme (click here) and check out her amazing post.

Pictures of my hometown Chicago. I have to admit I became a bit weepy going through these. One truly does not appreciate what one has in their own back yard until they don’t have it any more. What I wouldn’t give for a 30 mile ride down the Chicago Lakefront Path right a this moment. How I would love a ride starting at Foster Ave., admiring the amazingly lovely park scenery, all the way to the 63rd Street Beach House.

Chicago truly is one the greatest cities in the world.



  1. You should try capturing your shots in the morning or late afternoon so you don’t get very harsh lighting that seems a bit boring. Definitely try capturing the highlights and shadows like you did in the 8th and 9th pictures. I especially love the fog in the 1st picture.

  2. Your photos are great. I’ll be thinking about you while I stare out the window tomorrow morning at sunrise. I’m not sleeping these days…Sunrise over the lake is the best, especially overlooking Navy Pier and DuSable Harbor..

    • Haha. Whatever, Debbe! My twinge of homesickness only lasted until I thought about Thailand & Italy & Tunisia….. all upcoming trips 🙂
      Hope you are doing well. It sounds like you are enjoying life. Take care. Xx Tahira

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