Jeddah, KSA ~ June 2012

I spent last weekend in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is on the west coast nestled against the Red Sea.

Take a look at this fabulous blog: The Pink Tarha and their amazing humorous post on taking a domestic flight within The Kingdom. They also traveled to Jeddah and have a great travel series on the place on their site. I’m not going to post about the domestic flight because they sum it up brilliantly.  I actually found these gals before I came over to The Kingdom. And while we still have not met in person, I feel like they are my good good friends, who I can go to in a pinch. They’ve been immensely helpful with beauty salons, restaurants, ALL kinds of food, and life in general, in Riyadh.

Sarah sampling perfumes. She smelled like a  flower garden the rest of the evening.

A little sampling of Souq Al-Alawi. Had my new Nikon with, and I must admit, I’m quite happy with the results.

And a lovely time was had.

Until next time….



  1. Fantastic Jeddah post, Tahira! Lovely photos, as well.
    Thank you for mentioning The Pink Tarha in your blog! We do feel you are our good friend also. Too bad our paths haven’t crossed yet in the workplace. But it will happen soon, we know it! 😉 Take care and more fabulous entries, please! 🙂

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