Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This weeks photo challenge is to “Share a photo that makes you DREAM!”

What is it about a body of water, in particularly the ocean, that makes one dream – and dream big?

The entryway to a dream.

It takes only one idea, one thought, to create an opening…

And for a dream to start blooming.

These pictures were taken January 2012 on the island of St. John of the The U.S. Virgin Islands. I know everyone has their favorite beaches, and I have been to my share, but never have I seen or been somewhere so breathtakingly marvelous.

About the Weekly Photo Challenge



  1. Lovely choice and beautiful colors. Reminds me of my favorite beach—on the island of Midway in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. All the Hawaiian Islands have beautiful beaches, but Midway’s in simply breathtaking and unspoiled.

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