The theme this week is Solid in Jake’s Sunday Post


The United States of America: Sometimes it is not perfect and sometimes it is not very pretty (our political system, Wall St., the lobbyists, the healthcare system…) but, the Solid freedoms that come with being an American female are underrated and under-appreciated. So let me remind you…

Freedom of speech.  Freedom of religion. Freedom of petition. Right to equal justice. And the right to enjoy so many other freedoms; Freedom to live or travel anywhere in the nation. Freedom to travel (I don’t think people with this freedom realize that not everyone in the world has this, and the implications of not having it.) Freedom to marry or not marry. Freedom to vote or to join a political party. Freedom to receive an education. Freedom to participate in sports. Freedom of choice. Freedom of thought. Freedom of dress.

This country is solid. These freedoms are solid.


Picture taken January of 2012 on my first visit to NYC.

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