So inspiring! This kid is my newest hero! We need more people in the world like her. Bravo, Colleen!


Lately I’ve been thinking how inspiration runs in all directions, rather than simply trickling down from the elite athletes of the world.

Just this week I got motivated to tackle intervals by emulating a friend who’s a complete beginner. I figure if he can work bursts of jogging into his walks, surely I can fit a little speed work into my jogging.

On Saturday I accompanied Colleen to the Iron Kid Triathlon in Bluffton without any expectations whatsoever. At 9, she struggles with a pretty serious weight problem, so it was kind of amazing she wanted to try it at all.

She completed her 50-yard swim, got out of the transition area without a glitch and peddled off onto the bike course, a 1.17 mile route through nearby blocked-off streets. We walked over to the 4-H Park to wait until she returned for the .65 mile run.
We waited. And…

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