July 2012 – A Few Random Things That Make Me Happy

It’s time for the monthly installment of Things That Make Me Happy.

July has been a great month. I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude for all the good in my world.

I have to start off with Thailand ~ From where this installment is being posted.

Thailand makes me beyond happy. Below are a few random pictures from my first two days in Phuket.

(PS: If you click on any picture you get a cool picture carousel)


The Olympics make me happy, especially with our closest cousins hosting them! And who is not in awe of London?  And in awe of all the athletes giving it their all – The competition, the bravery, the sportsmanship, the strength, the beauty, the heartbreak, and the perseverance?

And look at Buckingham Palace all lit up! Fabulous.

(Picture courtesy of NBC Sports)

Arabic coffee and dates make me happy. As utterly wonderful as Thailand is, I’m still in search of that “good cup of coffee” here and realized I was missing me some good Arabic Coffee alongside my dates…

This video has been making the internet rounds for some time now. I first came across it on Brene Brown’s Ordinary Courage Blog, and since, I’ve seen it on several other blogs and posts. It makes me happy every single time I see & listen to it.

Glen Duncan, the author of  The Last Werewolf and Talulla Rising makes me happy.

His style of writing is just so unique. He draws you in and is relentless in keeping you enthralled.

I read The Last Werewolf some time ago and read the follow-up Talulla Rising this past June. While I have several other books on my “to read” list and already downloaded on my Kindle, this is what I have been (re)reading while in Thailand – And they are even better the second time around.

For some reason I just know were Glen Duncan and I ever to meet we would hit it off magnificently.  Like soul-mates. This is one person on my fantasy “Would love to hang with” list.

And I am grateful to YOU, my little band of followers who read my blog!

YOU guys make me happy! 🙂




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