Thailand Series (Post 1)


Every stereotype one has ever heard or seen about Thailand is 100% true x 100.

And it is utterly marvelous.

No, I did not walk away with a new tattoo. This time.

I did have a Thai massage. Like, uhm, everyday.  Can you blame me, at $15 USDollars for one hour? You would have a massage every day too!

This was my first trip, short & solo, out of The Kingdom.

What will leave a lasting impression is the total acceptance, of everyone & everything, by the place and by the people.

Some would argue that having just come from Saudi Arabia any place would be more accepting. And, yeah well (it did make me laugh), they’ve got a point BUT this post is about Thailand.

Ah, food and drink in Thailand. Before I set out for the trip I had heard food and drink was “cheap”. I just did not expect HOW cheap. Crazy-cheap we’re talking! An entire meal with two main courses (hey, I couldn’t decide on just one dish) with alcoholic drink, for less than $10 USDollars.

And off the street food carts, well, it was almost free!

Bar With No Name. Awesomeness.

My first day was basically spent recon-ing the area of Karon beach, Phuket.

For the most part the beaches of Phuket (pronounced Pooket) are public. My hotel was about 5 minutes from the beach.

Karon Beach

So come along with me as I will post a series on my adventure in Thailand. From traveling solo, to riding an elephant, to running into a water-buffalo in the rice fields, island-hopping, canoeing, cave exploring, visiting natural wonders, hiking mountains to visit Buddha sites (and feeling like a pilgrim), beaches, food, culture, and all that good stuff…


This is part of an ongoing series of posts of my trip to Thailand. Click here for the other posts.



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