SUNDAY POST : Splendid

The theme this week is SPLENDID in Jake’s Sunday Post

While this theme is quite broad and there are so many splendid things in my world at the moment, I decided to share with you quite a splendid afternoon in Phuket at the Wat Chalong Buddhist Temple.

 This is the largest temple in Phuket and most visited. The day I was there it was peaceful, relaxing and meditative. There was a small area with local food and drink as well as souvenir shopping. The people were all very gracious and welcoming. I was a voyeur at a wedding photo shoot that day, how splendid is that? But, I must admit, every once in a while that meditative state of mine would be disrupted by some obnoxiously loud fireworks (yes, although I try hard I’ve never really been good at meditating.) I learned later that the fireworks, the load noise, was to ward off or scare away any bad-luck, problems, illness, basically any bad juju.

I also drank the milk of a coconut, straight from the coconut, and even though my facial express in the photo shot doesn’t reflect it, it was truly a refreshingly splendid concoction.

And a thoroughly splendid place.

(PS: If you click on any picture you get a cool picture carousel)

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    • I agree, Paula! Fireworks are splendid! It’s the noise that’s not… and I think I meant “fire-crackers” rather than “fireworks”, but you all know what I meant 😉 Thanks for coming by!

      • Fire-crackers must have been invented by fools… what I don’t understand it is here in my country for every effing holiday, event or celebration, people (kids) or morons fire them, and it was so strange after the war…

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