Guest Post on Traveling Solo

I am so pleased to tell you that I had the great pleasure of writing a guest post on traveling solo for Equatours Limited. Although their specialty are tours below the equator Wendy Kaufmann the Director of Equatours Limited graciously helped me get to Thailand and is also helping me to get to Italy in September. And her help has been truly invaluable. Not only do they have a super cool blog but they do really cool stuff as well – They completed a round the world trip and they’re heading off to Tanzania in September to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro! How can I not want to be associated with them?

To read my guest post click here: A Girls Guide to Travelling Solo – A Guest Blog by Tahira

On Top of the World

This picture was taken on my trek up Nakkerd Hills on my pilgrimage to visit The Big Buddha. At the crack of dawn and it felt more like a mountain than a hill. Hence the top of the world feeling.



  1. Loved your guest post. It pretty much covered a lot of the same questions I get at times. Except when I traveled with my husband, I actually prefer to travel alone. The freedom to do what you want, when you want can’t be beat. I know too many women who stay home because they can’t find a travel companion. I also find that I get a whole lot more out of the experience, whether it’s actual travel or a stroll on the beach. My photos reflect how much more attention I’m paying to my surroundings when I’m without the distraction of company…. though, there are times when the company can be pleasant and worthwhile.

    • Thank you, Gunta! I absolutely agree, I love traveling with a companion too. There is nothing more fabulous then when there is a mutual kindred traveling spirit, I call it. But what I’ve learned is that even though you may get on with someone brilliantly in ‘everyday life’ that does not always translate into getting on well together on the road. At this time in my life, there was no one of the kindred-travel-spirit in the same space as me and able to join me for this trip – But that would never stop me from going/doing something I wanted. And yeap yeap YEAP freedom to do what one wants when they want ROCKS! Traveling solo is liberating in so many ways and has so many benefits, many that you mention above.

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