Travel theme: Sunset


This weeks Travel Theme is Sunset

Perfect venue to feature my favorite Sunset captures from my recent trip to Thailand

The first one is my favorite sunset shot.  It perfectly sums up the essence of Thailand beaches…

Sweet tranquility

Sunset, palm, beach


Life on the beach at sunset


Sun hiding behind palm




Fire over water


Walking dogs at sunset


Silhouette at sunset


Various beaches ~Thailand 2012


More about Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Challenge


  1. Tahira, thanks for coming by my site. Also, apologies for the cryptic ‘hyena’ post that was accidentally posted on my cycling blog instead of in my practice site (Oh no!) – it has now been put where it should have gone. I like experimenting and sometimes it goes a bit ah… wrong!
    Love the photos, especially the blue ones – lovely!

    • Madoqua, I thought the cryptic hyena was cool!! I *practice* too and sometimes find my practices are actually LIVE and things that should have stayed as practice have actually been live for some time, haha. All is good, my friend. Thanks for coming by!

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