SUNDAY POST : Black & White


This weeks theme is Black & White in Jake’s Sunday Post

 There is a lot of black & white color within Saudi Arabia – People see women in black abaya’s & men in white thobes.

To the outsider & to the outside world Saudi Arabia and it’s people seem very black & white.

But as is the case with nearly all things in life, very rarely is anything or anyone ever just black & white. There are always shades of grey.

And often times one will find vibrant colors shining brightly underneath – If only one were to take the time to look a little deeper.

There is more than just black & white here


About Jake’s Sunday Post



My friend restlessjo ~ Roaming, at home and abroad requested to see one of the above pictures in color.

Great idea, Jo. So I’ve included all the original shots.






    • Thanks, Gunta! I must admit life has been really good for me lately. Going out-an-about in general public, yes I do wear an abaya but no head covering. While at work, or on my compound where I live, or hiking in the desert (leaving the city limits basically) no I do not wear one. I should start posting more about “daily life” (because it’s not all black & white obviously) a lot of people have so many questions, which is natural of course. The first month the abaya bothered me, now-a-days it’s kind of nice to not have to worry about what to wear to the grocery store 🙂

      • That’s one thing to be said about wearing a “uniform” of any kind. It certainly takes away that decision of what to wear. Have you had to observe Ramadan at the compound? I think it’s about to end, isn’t it?
        Sorry…. as you said: so many questions. Rather natural because it’s so different I suppose.

      • It’s OK, Gunta! I know folks have LOTS of questions, I don’t mind. I’m already taking things for granted and assume everyone knows what I know and see… it’s good to be reminded that I’m not in Kansas any more. Ex-pats did not have to fast during the month of Ramadan (which ended yesterday) but it was difficult not to ‘observe’ considering the entire country just kind of shuts down during day-light hours. We all became night-owls for the month, so to day.

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