SUNDAY POST :Delicious

DELICIOUS: good to eat: having an appealing or enjoyable taste or smell, delightful: highly amusing, pleasing, or enjoyable.

While there is SO much good to eat in Italy, I am going to put a slightly different spin on this theme and I will not post all the glorious food of Italy. And there is lots and lots of it; first the antipasti, then the first course of pasta, then the main course which is usually some sort of meat, then the side dish, and finally dessert. And it goes without saying how enjoyable and delightfull these events (because it truly is an event) are. But what will always stay with me is the experience, the highly pleasing, enjoyable, and delightful atmosphere, the set up, and the presentation.

Whether it be a five coarse meal, or whether it be a fruit plate and glass of wine, or simply drinking a caffè while reading a book; dining in Italy is always Delicious. 


This post is in response to Jake’s SUNDAY POST: Delicious



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