Words, words, words

I love the power of the word. And not only do I love words you tell to yourself as well as words you tell to others, but I also love the words you do not say.

I wonder which has greater impact? Greater lasting residuals?

Why do people say one thing and do another? Why do some feel they simply must have the ‘last word’? Why do some feel they need to have their words always ‘be right’?  Why do certain people use their words to try to thrust their personal opinion onto others?  Why the need to lace words with passive aggressiveness? And why do some people feel the need they owe you no words whatsoever? Why do some feel words are owed to them? And why are some words taken so personally and taken immediately to heart?

The fact that you try to interject your biased and opinionated words into my life I do not take personally. I simply walk away from you.

I will give you a chance. I will listen to your arguments. I will let you try to explain with rational facts. But when you repeatedly insist you and only you know what is ‘right’, you will lose me.

The fact that you feel the need to have to wrap your words with passive aggressive innuendos when you feel you simply must have the last word, I do no take personally. That is only your projection and insecurity. Not mine, so I stop listening to you.

And when you say you will do something and repeatedly abort and backslide in doing what YOU said YOU would do, I will eventually realize what an asshole you are. And when you offer no words of explanation, I will cut you off. Completely. I do not take any of it personally, those are your issues, uncertainty, and self-doubt.

So, I think this should answer some questions…

It’s my blog. I decide who gets the last word. I’m right. My words are facts.  I can say any words I want to say or not say.

And YOU should take it personally.



  1. I so completely love this. A great lesson to learn. Sooner rather than later.
    I’m curious about the picture with the Chodron quote… it looks like something from “The Little Prince”. Whatever… it’s wonderful, as is the quote. The quote is something I tried to live by for many, many years without having put it in such beautiful words.

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