October 2012 – A Few Random Things That Make Me Happy

In honor of (almost) reaching 200 followers of this blog, I thought it was well overdue for some Random Things That Make Me Happy.

1) Well obviously having (almost) 200 followers makes me happy. To be exact it’s 196 followers as of today. I don’t follow my blog site stats too often – only because I forget to look. But as I look at them today it’s very fascinating to see the evolving of this blog (and me) and it’s so interesting to see what posts of mine are popular and what post are not so popular. So for all my latest followers I’ll list my Top 5 Posts…

Aside from my About Page, my Why I Run post is my most visited page. I just reread it, and I must admit, it’s a pretty damn good post, hah? And stay tuned because I may have a mini announcement in regards to running sometime soon

My second most visited post is Everyday life in Riyadh in a few picturesIt must be the watermelons, aye.

My third most visited post is somewhat surprising because it’s a fairly new posting. And I’m just a little surprised how many hits it’s gotten in comparison to the posts that have been around for a while. It’s my take on Trusting The Journey

The fourth most visited page is Travel theme: RedThis one is not surprising. Those are some pretty awesome shots, if I do say so.

And fifth is one of my favorite posts. It makes me laugh every time, SUNDAY POST : Close -up. The thing about this post is that I have probably 50 more shots of these close-ups that I didn’t post, which I think is what makes me laugh so much. It’s like my own personal little joke.

So, I’m sure some would have waited to hit 200 followers exactly before marking the occasion, but well, that’s just not how I roll I guess. Why wait? When today I am grateful for my 196 followers. I will, for sure, be grateful for my 200th follower, but today is happening now and today I have 196 followers. I’ve never been one to wait for the perfect time & perfect conditions. 

I’ve never been a big New Years Eve celebrator. I always found myself celebrating a day or two before/after New Years Eve. And in school whenever I received a grade close to 100%, lets say 97%, I would tell everyone “I almost got an A+!” And I also celebrate birthdays on off-days as well. I’ve actually got a really good friend, who I go back with a LONG time (we won’t talk about just how long) and she too celebrates birthdays with me like seven months in advance (or four months post – however you want to look at it) and we have lively, merry, comical fun with it. And which brings me to my Number 2 thing that randomly makes me happy (and it’s an awesome segue)…

2) Being friends with Jaci (Jaci is my friend who likes to celebrate birthdays on off-days,) after ALL these years, makes me happy.

 And here she is! And she is with Harrison Ford! 

Jaci & Harrison Ford

Picture kind of stolen from Jaci’s Facebook and definitely used without permission

AND, it’s Jaci’s birthday in 3 1/3 weeks! So I would like to take this opportunity NOW to wish Jaci a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And so, on to Number 3. It can’t be all about you, Jaci….

3)  The number 3 thing that makes me happy are new friends. In particularly a new friend who also has been keeping a list of  “The Saudi Crazy” and who loves exchanging “Saudi Crazy” stories (list to be posted a some point.) And it all started when I worked on her unit in the hospital one day during the slow Ramadan month. And in those 12 hours of first meeting while we worked *cough* *cough* (and ate off our patients food trays – yeah, part of the “Saudi Crazy”) , I realized Melanie was just as awesome crazy as I was and Melanie realized I was just as awesome wicked as she was.

And here she is, Melanie!

Yeah. Again all photo’s used without permission.


I mean these pictures should be self-explanatory as to why Melanie is so awesome and why we had no trouble connecting in the space of a 12 hour work shift.

What’s the main common denominator with my friend of old and my friend of new? — Obviously I need people in my life who don’t take themselves too seriously. Aye.

4) Number four on my list:  Having the whole wide world open to me and being able to travel to really cool places makes me happy.  Oh yeah, and having my picture taken in these places also kind of makes me happy.

“Can you take my picture?”

Amalfi City, Amalfi Coast


Sorrento, Italy and Thailand cave exploring.

In the rice fields of Thailand.  

With the camels in Bahrain

5) Unexpected days off make me so very happy. Hence, a post about things that make me happy materializes! It’s Eid, and I guess no one’s allowed to be sick on Eid so in turn I get an extra day off.

6) Training for something makes me happy. I’ve always loved a well thought-out training plan – Even though I’ve never follow one exactly. Hey, I like to improvise.  And not just with training… 

7) New beginning’s make me happy.

Disclaimer: List is in no particular order



  1. One thing we totally agree on is celebrating occasions whenever we feel like it. I hate being too structured! One thing that makes me happy is following your blog! I’m so glad I discovered you. Can’t remember HOW just now….. 😉

    • Aww Gunta, that is SO sweet! Who cares HOW you discovered it – The important thing is you DID – Which in turn lead me to YOU! And that also makes me very happy!! And yes, indeed, we definitely are in sync when it comes to “structure” – Lets celebrate when we feel like it!

  2. Waiting for your Saudi crazy posts…I see a lot of middle eastern patients in my new clinic. My most challenging patient population ever. Want to hear your perspective.

    Do you follow my blog? pediNP.blogspot.com Not nearly as interesting as yours…just different!

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