SUNDAY POST : Peaceful

My only reason for stopping in England on this trip was to visit Stonehenge.

While England was intended only as a pit-stop as I journeyed further North to my number 1 favorite city, I must admit this little pit-stop has turned out to be so much more.

I had visited London previously and didn’t feel the need to visit all the popular tourist attractions. So what was I to do? – I headed to the London Pubs, of course. Yes, Paris may have the best cafe’s in the world, but London has the best Pubs in the world.

Anyways, my London Pub experience is for another post… So the next morning, at the crack of dawn, quite tired, and quite hungover, I headed into the English countryside…

… and this was the amazing peaceful scene I experienced as the sun rose over the amazing, mystifying & baffling Stonehenge

Sunrise over Stonehenge

It was sunny & cold, and there were hardly any people there at this time… Peaceful perfection




This post is in response to Jake’s Sunday Post: Peaceful. Click to see all the other wonderful interpretations of Peaceful



  1. Ever so lovely, Tahira. That has to be such a magical place. If I were to ever get my act together to fly to the UK, Stonehenge would definitely be a stop. What a fantastic adventure you are living! I am thoroughly enjoying the vicarious travel with you.

  2. I’m sorry Tahira, but every time I see pictures of Stonehenge, I can’t help but be reminded of the movie Spinal Tap–the scene where the model of Stonehenge is dropped down onto the stage and the “little people” were dancing around it…Hopefully if I ever get to see it in person, it will become more than that to me.

    Lovely photographs, tho! I’m so curious as to what your #1 favorite city is…

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