Special Feature – Pictours Paris

My Special Feature for January is Lindsey of Pictours Paris – And at the same time I get to do a thoroughly self-indulgent post. I wanted to do this post a few weeks back but I, ah, felt kind of peculiar (weird, egotistical, narcissistic?) of posting pictures of well, just myself. While maybe one family member and perhaps two (maybe three) of my close friends would have loved it – I just didn’t feel that it would make a very interesting blog post.

But then I had a brainstorm of an idea! Start a Special Feature section on Shenanigans. And Pictours Paris could be my first feature. And I could post pictures of ME (and not feel like a weirdo) while showcasing Lindsey’s talent.

I first learned of Lindsey through the blogging world here: Expat Entrepreneurs: Lindsey from Pictours Paris This is from Expat Edna’s blog –  Which in its own right deserves a Special Feature, but for now you can take a peek into Edna’s amazing life as a serial expat currently living & working in Paris and traveling the world. Edna does a thorough job in interviewing Lindsey and all the important information about Lindsey and Pictours Paris can be found here.

Lindsey is an expat entrepreneur in Paris. She launched Pictours Paris in April 2012 after she moved to Paris with her husband. Pictours Paris specializes in photography with Paris as the backdrop while at the same time giving a walking tour of the magnificent city. Lindsey shoots special occasions like marriage proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, or, uhm, solo travelers passing through the city who like having their picture taken…and who like throwing their hat around…

For more on Pictours Paris you can visit their website or Facebook  or Twitter

And this post  ~ Happy New Year 2013 ~ features Lindsey’s work (and my special effects).

And more of Lindsey’s work is in my November Year in Review.

And, as always, thank you for indulging me.


    • It is really a great idea, isn’t it. I so admire that kind of daring & initiation. And at first I wasn’t so keen on posting all these photos of myself BUT I’ve changed my mind – I’m glad I did because, I agree with you, Gunta, it is a nice touch.

    • Haha! That’s right SHE did NOT have the Tower in her backdrop! But I did most definitely channel Mary Tyler Moore – And it was soooooo much fun! Thanks for coming along for the ride, dear Madelaine.

    • Haha! Damn straight, sometimes being fabulous just takes up so much time!!

      I am in the works of preparing an “Update” post, hopefully to have out next month. In the meantime, I was in Paris at the end of November and made a jaunt over to London & then Scotland.

      I just returned from Sri Lanka and it was one of my most memorable trips – My intention is to get some blog posts out soon in regards to the trip.

      And now I am back in Saudi & back to work, with a small little jaunt planned to Istanbul next month.

      I’m coming on over to see just how fabulous you’ve been lately! 😀

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