SUNDAY POST : Focused Attention

Sri Lanka

Some very focused attention from my recent visit to Sri Lanka.

I splurged on a new camera before the trip (the Nikon D5100) and I had the most perfect opportunity(s) to practice with it during my extraordinary foray.

I truly could not remember beer ever tasting so good.

Uhm, and I couldn’t seem to get enough.

Sri Lanka  062_2

That's Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) in the back ground. I climbed that & will ell you all about it soon.
That is Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) in the back ground – I climbed to that peak & will tell you all about it soon.

Sri Lanka  002_1

Sri Lanka  105_1

Sri Lanka  074_1

Sri Lanka  069_1

Sri Lanka  057_1

Sri Lanka  018_1

Sri Lanka 089_1

Sri Lanka 010_1

This post is in response to Jake’s Sunday Post: Focused Attention 



    • Meredith, I truly did intend to get in touch, but then, yeah, after the trek from Mirissa to Sri Pada that took so much out of me that afterward all I could really do was lounge around and recover. And getting around Sri Lanka is not an easy feat, hah. But, nevertheless, I had THE MOST MAGNIFICENT time – it truly was one of my MOST memorable trips ever that I am already planning to come back!! And next time for longer so I can then hopefully make time for a Colombo jaunt.

      And thanks on the congratulations – it was magical!

      • Looking forward to the post – sadly I’ve never made it, for one reason or another and I know I won’t be fit enough to tackle it before I go in April/May, so my trek up the sacred mountain will have to wait till a return visit of my own!

        Soooo glad you had a terrific time – sounds as though you did just what you needed to do – have a real break from the world you’re in just now.

        Yes, I know getting around can be challenging – was it Catbird I told this to and not you? – but then again, you’re young and can climb mountains, so getting there must have been part of the adventure!

    • Haha! Don’t mind it at all, Jo. I totally understand about playing “catch up” — I’m in the midst of that as well. I hate feeling like I’m “missing out” so I want to check out & check up on ALL my favorite blogs and at the same time I have so much I want to post and also trying to keep up with all the positive, encouraging comments & likes….and …well…. YOU obviously know exactly what I mean!

      Congratulations to you & to your daughter! Have a wonderful day, all of you! Xx

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