Special Feature – Scott Marshall Photography (Scotland)

Special Feature

Scott Marshall Photography (Scotland)

I don’t think anyone who knows me or has followed my blog will be surprised that my Special Feature for the month of February is all about Scotland.

And Scott over at Scott Marshall Photography perfectly captures the exact essence of what makes me love Scotland.

In all fairness I have to give a shout-out to my gal Gunta over at Movin’ On, for she had re-blogged this utterly spectacular rainbow shot of Scott’s, and that is how I found Scott’s blog – And I was hooked.

I mean seriously. Who can not fall in love instantly with Scotland while looking at this?
Here is the link to Scott’s post of Glencoe Glory

In Scott’s own words, he enjoys the travel aspect of photography and being outdoors.

Just check out Scott’s outdoors…

“Sandwood Bay  – Speaks for itself lots of texture and colour contrast at one of the most remote of Scottish beaches – covered in wonderfully contrasting light.”
“One Day I’ll Fly Away – Is amazing because I don’t do sunrises but in late November you can catch a lazy one around 0800 AM – I wanted the shape of the sun and along came the seagull – snap and the title fell out of that.”
“Moray Firth Texture – I have included this not just because it is a very impressive sunset but because I had also managed to attach some foreground interest which I feel add’s to the shot (rather than just another wonderful sunset)”
“Sleeping – Is another image I am very proud of – another hand-held opportunity basis  low-light shot which had a lot of impact despite the large areas of darkness.”

“I am known for landscape but enjoy shape and texture especially in architecture – but also look for texture in nature.”

And this next shot is just striking…

“Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder – I am rather proud of this as it was my first competition winner. It is shot hand-held lying on the floor of the Glasgow School of Modern Art – I loved the curves but decided to have more impact I needed to offset it once I looked at what I had captured I thought it looked quiet like an eye – hence the title.”

”I am an amateur who has designs on going pro – I know I’m not the finished article but feel I am progressing.”

“Well, what have you got to say – Is my attempt at humour.  I love gulls and here we have a couple of Fulmars making a right noise the one on the left appears to being scalded.”

This one is awesome and funny at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this months Special Feature. 

You can find Scott’s blog and his photography of the alluring and enticing Scotland by clicking here. And on Twitter here.

All photographs used with Scott Marshall’s permission


  1. Reblogged this on Scott Marshall Photography (@skm1963) and commented:
    What a privilege to be featured on someone else’s blog – especially when the feature has been so beautifully drawn together by Tahira’s Shenanigans. But why would you take my word for it after all I have been know to utilise all sorts of exagerated statements to increase my viewing statistcs – so please dont simply take my word pop along to Tahira’s blog and gauge for yourself. My heartfelt thanks to Tahira for the feature and hope at the very least it plants the seed towards a trip to Scotland – enjoy

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