Fishing Boat

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

I would watch this fishing boat go off every morning, as I was on my run, and then I would see it come back in the afternoon as it would sweep by so close to the beach.

This photo is in response to Jake’s Sunday Post: On Going

It gives me the perfect opportunity to exhibit Sri Lanka’s on going & unfolding captivating charm & beauty.

And it also gives me the opening to answer the many inquiries about my own on going adventure…

The on going & evolving journey shall continue, as I’ve decided to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for another year, and my hope is to tell you about many more expeditions.



  1. Me and Allison have been guessing where your travels would take you as your year in Saudi Arabia comes to an end, and we both agreed that we wouldn’t be surprised if you continued on. We love reading your posts, and your pictures are just amazing. If the mood ever strikes, I would love to hear about your job and the things you do. I’d love to hear about your patient population and the surgeons you work with. How do they compare to the surgeons we work with. How do you interact with anesthesia? Do you have charge nurses, breaks, families (do they stay in the room with the patient)? When you get a chance . . .

    • I KNOW I’m REALLY over-due on that posting, Kathy! In all honestly, I don’t even know where to start – I’m hoping to answer some of these questions (you are not the only one inquiring) in an “Update” post before my actual 1 year anniversary (in April) in The Kingdom.

      And what I don’t get to here, you’ll just have to ask me in person when I come home to visit soon 😀

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that you’ve decided to stay and continue your wonderful adventures. What does surprise me is that a year has gone by so fast. I’m with Kathy in wanting to hear more about your work and life in the Kingdom.

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