Photo of the Week: Napping Flower Lady – Taksim Square, Istanbul

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.

My fathers favorite saying “The secret to good health? Taking a nap every day.”

This photo is from Istanbul, Taksim Square; Where the hustle & bustle of Istanbul is. Except for my sleeping lady in the flowers that is – uhm, no hustle or bustle there. I guess if one is going to take a nap I can’t think of a better place to do it.

And yes, I am currently in Istanbul. I’ve had more than a few inquires asking if I actually work, having only recently returned from holiday in Sri Lanka. First, I have a lot of vacation time, it’s not the American system of time off. And second, I was actually supposed to be in Germany over this time (so I had the time off) running a half-marathon. But because of an injury sustained during my Paris-London-Scotland jaunt, I had to redirect and rechannel my plans. And in all honesty, I can not think of a better rechanneling than Istanbul. And half-marathons are not going anywhere, aye.



    • Thanks, Wendy. I wish you could join me!

      The healing had already started a few weeks ago and I was back up to 5 miles at a time (the knee/calf would not take more than that) but then a couple of days ago I woke up with THE SAME nagging pain/hurt in the exact same spot. SO FRUSTRATING. I don’t even know what to do any more.

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