Photo of the Week: Finding Balance ~ Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

I took this photo during a morning walk along Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka.

She was so perfectly balanced with the environment and her solitude, that I couldn’t help but paparazzi her.

This picture actually comes at a perfect time for me. A time where I am most in need of some balance.  

It’s interesting, Dana over at Celiac Kiddo wrote a post a few weeks ago about picking One Word, the idea being is to live with that word for one year.  Read her post to find out more about One Word and find out why Dana choose Nourish as her word.

So her post got me to thinking that I wanted a word for myself. It took a while but I did finally come up with one (and along with several other posts I’m working on – I do plan on telling you all about it) and the word I choose was Surrender – because the answer to control is practicing surrender. But what I want to tell you now is the word balance was a close second. Perhaps I shall choose two words. Surrender and balance. 

I have not had enough blissful solitude – And I am craving it.  Solitude is my balance. And this picture is a great reminder that things that are important in life have to be made a priority.

So I surrender to my need of solitude in order to find balance.




  1. Sounds like a great undertaking. I’ll have to think on a word for me. I’ve finally achieved my need for solitude, but that had more to do with circumstances than much effort on my part. What I seem to be lacking much of the time is simple energy. I’ve been working on that with diet and yoga with mixed results.

    • “Tranquility.” Love it, Rufina. What a perfectly lovely word and a perfect intention for the everyday.

      And I think in a few months time we should come back to this and do a collaborative post to compare how we are both doing with our “words” :))

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