SUNDAY POST : Arrangement

St. Kessog’s Church ~Village of Luss

The Scottish Highlands

St. Kessog's Church

St. Kessog’s Churchyard

St. Kessog's Churchyard 010

St. Kessog's Churchyard 011

St. Kessog's Churchyard 012

St. Kessog's Churchyard 013

This post is in response to Jake’s  SUNDAY POST: Arrangement

I give you my graveyard arrangement, taken this past Decemberfrom St. Kessog’s Churchyard from The Village of Luss in The Scottish Highlands.


And no, I’m not behind or late in processing my photos. I’m exactly on time & right where I’m suppose to be. I believe everyone else is just early *smile*


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  1. Stunning gallery … wonderful photos. I find personal that a grave yard … makes the time stand still and give us so much to think. It has a relaxing effect on me. The second last photo is my favorite.

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