Photo of the Week: Finding Cover From The Sun In Bahrain

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.

At the Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit


While in Bahrain last October, my unplanned and impromptu tour-guide (in other words I got lost on one of my early morning expeditions touring the city alone and when I asked for directions back to the hotel, I got myself a tour-guide) took me to the Bahrain International Circuit where the Bahrain Grand Prix is held (because without a tour-guide I never would have come here.) The facility was actually closed but these very nice groundskeepers let me in. After my very own little tour I found them taking cover from the hot Bahrain sun and they were more than happy to let me snap their picture – even though they don’t look it.



    • Love that word. Serendipity. I could do an entire post on that word…. But that is for a later date… Although with the way time flies, I better get going on ALL these posts I keep putting off for “later”. Not only did Friday come around AGAIN… but it is ALREADY April! How did THAT happen!!

  1. Hi Tahira,

    I have in fact been privileged to have watched the Bahrain Grand Prix twice when it used to be held before the venue got shifted to Abu Dhabi. On one occasion, we had a Gulf Air Aircraft fly in low a few times as a special salute to all the visitors.

    Thank you for bringing back those memories.


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