Photo of the Week: Chicago

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.



Chicago April 2013 - Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park


I know it’s Monday. 

I know I’ve missed a couple of Friday photo postings.

I know I’ve neglected my blog comments.  

I’ve been on a, kind of, forced but welcome internet unplugging while I’ve been home in Chicago.

 Here is a shot I took the other day, while on the Chicago Lakefront, for you to enjoy while I ponder where to start catching-up online…



  1. Good luck with catching up. I hate it when I fall just a few days behind. It’s pretty horrific! Nice shot of the old hometown.
    I stayed at a friend’s in Chicago two years ago on my way to the East Coast. The traffic scared me to death! For having grown up in a big city (Boston), I’ve sure turned into a country hick. 😀 (and loving it!)

    • Thanks, Gunta. So the secret to unplugging is being able to unplug without guilt – Otherwise there’s no point to unplugging. Right? So that is what I have been “working on”… being able to unplug totally without feeling the guilt of not “keeping up”. Does that make any sense?

      And Chicago traffic can indeed be overwhelming. This is my hometown and it STILL scares me sometimes! 😀

    • You know what? I believe it’s more to do with writers block than unplugging… but either way, the being (somewhat) disconnected has been pretty nice… maybe when I’m over my writers block I shall do a blog post on taking time to unplug! So many ideas… 🙂

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