And When Three Bloggers Meet…

Life is all about finding people with my kind of crazy…. 😉

Being Rufina

And When Three Bloggers Meet…:)

The Connection Will Be Sweet…

On That You Can Rely!!…

The Fundamental Things Apply…

As Time Goes By. xo

Three bloggers, from three different states, north, south and mid-west came together for a magical evening of love and laughter…


When Zully, Spiritual World Traveler and I found out that Tahira from Tahira’s Shenanigans was coming home to the US from Saudi Arabia for a couple of weeks in April, we just knew we had to find a way to meet.

How did we make this evening happen?  How do you make the leap from casual on-line acquaintances who comment on each other’s blogs from around the world, to making a dinner reservation for three?

First we became blogging friends.  Then we became Facebook friends.  One Facebook post led to another.  I saw that Tahira planned to come home, which just happens to be the city that I…

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  1. I met one blogger friend on my latest trip and it was truly wonderful. I suspect that the connection that happens online is often a good indication of good things to come to those who manage to meet in real life. Wishing I could meet all the good friends I’ve enjoyed through blogging… one Tahira would be a prime example. 😀

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