Photo of the Week: Burj Khalifa ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.


163 Floors…

Burj Khalifa ~ Dubai

The tallest man-made structure in the world, at 2,722′ (830 m)

“Just Hold On Loosely 
But don’t let go 
If you cling too tight babe 
You’re gonna lose control…”

As I gazed up at this man-made wonder in the sky yesterday the 38 Special song started playing in my head.

Perhaps it’s because lately so many around me are clinging desperately to the illusion of control and are wound up so tightly the fragility of their taut stings is palpable.

   The more one clings, the less hold they have…



    • Dubai most certainly wins with the “my thing is bigger” thing, in so many ways. I agree, Gunta, there is definitely something obscene in all the opulence of Dubai but at the same time there is also something endearing… Strange how that works, hah?

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