Photo of the Week: Wadi Rum ~ Jordan

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.


Wadi Rum

also known as The Valley of the Moon is one of the earths most breathtaking landscapes

in one of the worlds most friendliest country, Jordan.

Wadi Rum is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan; the scenes are timeless and virtually untouched by man.

Here is just a small dose of the beauty of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Bedouin with camels ~ Wadi Rum, Jordan

(And I must admit, one of my all time favorite shots I’ve yet taken)



  1. What a picture! You’ve really managed to capture the right moment and yet show how beautiful even that small part of Wadi Rum looks like. Jordan sounds like a destination full of secrets!

  2. Simply amazing shot, the colors are just perfect, and the framing. You should be really proud of this one, and get it printed up and framed 🙂

    Well done!


  3. This is just amazing …. and I would be very proud if I have taken it … this should you sell to National Geographic!!!
    Have to tell a story about Jordan … a friend of mine walked along a street in Paris .. a man passed her .. and after seconds did he come after her .. asking what fragrance she was using … and they are married with 3 kids and lives in Jordan today … her husband was best friend with King Hussein. All because of “Jolie Madame” – Balmain.

    • What a wonderful story, Viveka. And so romantic. There is definitely something about our olfactory , can evoke oh so much. And thank you for the wonderful compliment. You guys here are most definitely making my day 😀

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