Photo of the Week: My ride to The Monastery in Petra, Jordan

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.


Petra’s largest monument,  The Monastery, is located in the mountains above the city. Way up on top of the mountains.

And for some reason I thought taking a donkey to the top would make me all Indian Jones like….

My ride - Donkeys in Petra

Our donkeys needed a break half way up.

If you’ve ever ridden a donkey, you’ll know they are quite stubborn. And not really anything Indian Jones like…




      • That photo is magical … it’s like I was just standing beside – and the endlessness in those mountains.
        Didn’t you get a sore backside from riding on a donkey????? Yes, they maybe not being a very clever animal, but they know exactly what they want to do or not. But I think that is clever.

  1. Donkeys get their reputation honestly. 😉
    I’m finding your thing of posting on schedule every Friday is making me realize how fast time is slipping away. Seems like just yesterday was last Friday? I never truly appreciated that what the elders said about time speeding up was so very, very true. Enjoy every bit of it while you can. That’s the lesson to be taken from that.

    • Sylvia, it was terrifying at some points! Haha, I had no control whatsoever over the donkey as it climbed higher & higher all the while staying WAY too close to the edge of the path. Will not be getting on a donkey anytime soon! 😀

      • Me too. Never again. I wrenched my shoulder in my frantic hurry to dismount. The handler had long since vanished after getting his money, and when I got to the top of the hill, I was terrified the donkey might turn around and start back down with me still astride. 🙂

  2. Hi Tahira ,spectacular post.Petra is one place l missed visiting when l was in Jordan. Hopefully l will in the near future.Thank you for sharing.Best wishes.jalal

  3. You are crazy! I don’t think you would be able to ever get ME on a donkey! And so, thank goodness you share your beautiful pics of the top, as that is the only way, I will ever see it…it must have been a slow, long trip up and back. I did a similar trip in the Philippines up a narrow, winding mountain road, but in a minivan (jalopy) filled with relatives. On a “road” that was washed out and almost impassable. I nearly walked back.

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