Photo of the Week: Edinburgh, Scotland — A Quick Check-In With You Guys — And an Update.

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.


Edinburgh, Scotland.

Have you seen anything more quaint than this Miss Katie Cupcake shop?

For real. Have you?

Edinburgh, Scotland

I found this shot going through my images (while working on a project) and in an instant this picture transported me back to the streets of my favorite city of all time. Edinburgh.

I took this shot back in December when I was last in Scotland. And once I started reminiscing via pictures I started looking back through my blog and realized as of today that I have 472 blog followers. I don’t know how or when that happened but I am certainly grateful to all of you for coming along on this ride with me.  So I thought this would be a great time to check-in with y’all (I have no idea why I am saying y’all but for some reason it sounds, in my head, very fitting)  and to also give an update to those who have been around for some time and a quick run-down to all the new folks who have come by recently.

The last time I did a ‘check-in’ was in October 2012 when I had almost 200 blog followers. Click here to read that particular post.

At that same time my Why I Run blog post was my most visited – And today it remains that way; my most visited. Yes, it’s a post on how & when I started running and doing triathlons but it’s also a post on being saved and crossroads in one’s life.

As of today my second most popular post is Status Post Four Months – 10 Things I’ve Learned While in Saudi Arabia. It’s a good post check it out, even though I am now Status Post Sixteen Months in The Kingdom, there is still a lot in this post that pertains to today.  And don’t think having reread this post it hasn’t been lost on me that I really should do a Status Post Sixteen Months update. And James Bond is timeless, so yes, that too pertains to today.

My third most popular posting is one of my Special Feature collaborative post’s. Click here (and go get a cup of coffee) to read my longest post on the blog. This post is close to my heart, it speaks volumes on transformation and growing into one’s own while at the same time a wondrous friendship was being born between three people who also happen to be bloggers. Between myself (hey, I don’t need link to my blog because you’re already here!), Zully at Spiritual World Traveler, and Rufina at Being Rufina. And then you can go get a second cup of coffee and read about how Zully & Rufina surprised me when I went home to Chicago for a visit by clicking here

My fourth most popular post is another Special Feature, this one highlighting the work of one of my favorite photographers who just so happens to photograph one of my favorite places on this earth. Scotland. Click here  to check out my Special Feature and to feast your eyes on a sampling of Scott Marshall’s photography. Then head on over to Scott’s blog for the full effect.

My fifth most popular blog post was a Travel Theme on Food. Just looking at these shots is making my mouth water with hunger. It was SO delicious! Click here to have your mouth water too! And no wonder it’s a popular one.

I was going to only list the Top Five popular posts but I really wanted to showcase my post that happens to be the sixth most popular post. And then I remembered that hey this is my blog and I can do whatever I want and post whatever I want on it. So I’m listing my Top Six most popular posts as of today.  And not that there hasn’t been like a gazillion things written about Paris, but really one can never tire of this city. Ever. Hence why I am heading back at the end of this month and then for the first time ever, adventuring to the South of France (simply saying I’m heading to the South of France sounds totally & crazily indulgent, doesn’t it?) So now indulge me in remembering why I love Paris, especially in the cold. 

I’ve also updated my About page (This is where it explains why I am in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.)

And I’ve added a few more Ted Talks, to see click here. (I’m kind of a Ted Talk-aholic)

You simply must see Frank Warren’s hilarious & heartbreaking Ted Talk on Secrets. He actually collects secrets. In his words “I began collecting and sharing secrets in 2004. I printed 3,000 self-addressed postcards with simple instructions about sharing an artful secret. I passed them out to strangers on the streets of Washington, D.C., not knowing what to expect. But soon secrets began to find their way to my mailbox.”  How utterly fascinating, isn’t it? 


So by now, with all the links I’ve provided, you would have had to grab like seven cups of coffee, hah?

I’m glad y’all are here.

I welcome all the new followers.

And I thank all my old followers. Old? That doesn’t sound right. Senior? Mature? Oldish? Senile?

Anyways, y’all know what I mean – That’s why you’ve stuck around.

I am grateful for each and every one of you, old and new.

Senile or not 😉



  1. Love your photo, Tahira. I’ve never been to Scotland, but that shop window looks so inviting. 🙂 Sorry, no time now to stop and browse, and all those cups of coffee would have be buzzing like a frantic bumble bee. 😯

  2. Being one of the old and senile ones 😉 I probably should go back and reread all those links, but I may forget. It’s been lovely taking this journey with you. Besides, like Sylvia, I couldn’t take all them cups of coffee…. but I am reading a wonderful series set in Edinburgh. 😀

    • Oh stop, Gunta! LOL! As I told Sylvia above, the links are meant more for those newbies. I know who’s been with me since the start & I’m sure who already have drank their fill while clicking through my links 😉
      And.. oh Edinburgh, I too have been having a great time going through the series.

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