Capture the Colour


Last year around this time I was nominated to take part in a photo blogging challenge, but I was kind of intimated then not only by the participants in the challenge but also by the judges. So I didn’t participate.

So yeah, that’s not happening this year. Even though I am still intimidated, my pride for these photos is greater than my intimidation.

It’s really quite simple, post a blog post of five travel photographs representing five categories; red, blue, green, yellow, and white – The five photographs showcasing which best “Capture the Colour.”

So here goes… Representing my favourites in capturing the colour:



Bedouin with his camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Bedouin ~ Wadi Rum, Jordan



Some contemplation in the small fishing village of Praiano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Praiano, Italy ~ Amalfi Coast



My favourite urban jungle in the whole world. My hometown of Chicago, Illinois USA

Chicago, IL USA



The Dead Sea, Jordan and a girl covered with the mud of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, Jordan



The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands



All of the information including the rules, how to enter, who are the judges, and more, can be found on the Capture the Colour Travel Supermarket page.

You can also follow all the entries on Travel Supermarket’s Pinterest Boards, and see all of last years submissions as well.

You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter

One of the rules is that you must nominate five others. So I nominate the following:

Antoinette of Love Antoinette

Mjollnir of Life: A Scot in Norway

Gunta of Movin’ On

Georgia of Rainbow Bakery

Moni of Blatherskite


  1. Stunning entries. Wishing you great good luck. Thanks for the nod. I can do the color, but the travel gets a bit tricky since I seem to be mostly stuck on the beach. Will have to work up some inspiration perhaps.

    • Thanks so much, Gunta! And to me it’s not about the “travel” per say. Someone half a world away who has no idea about the Pacific Northwest in the States will be amazed and blown over by your photography and to them it’s “traveling” to your neck of the woods :))

  2. Wow, well done 🙂 These are beautiful. There is a poignancy to all your pictures, I wish you all the best with the contest but whatever happens your pics are awesome 😉


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