I Love The Flower Shops Of Paris

I wanted to post a vibrant shot of a Parisian flower shop (because it’s just so part of the city & part of its character) for The Photo of the Week, but then I couldn’t decide on just one picture. So you get several.

Back in November of 2012 I listed a few reasons why I love Paris in the cold. Click here for that post.

In this post I’ll show you one reason why I love Paris in the summer ~ The over flowing flower shops.


This was my favorite flower shop, by far. But the owner came out and shooed my away before I was able to get a picture of the full effect with the antique bicycles, tables, & ladder.  But I think the one shot I got off does it some justice…


Paris Market

This is at a Parisian market – I simply loved the vibrancy of these flowers.






This next shot I simply adore…



And OK, this one is not exactly in Paris (It’s in the south of France) but I couldn’t resist including it. And if you look closely it’s also a self-portrait.

La Croix Valmer


Hope this brightened up your day ~ Just going through these pictures put a huge smile on my face 🙂



    • I glad your day was brightened, Gunta! 🙂 And I have NO IDEA why I was shooed away – It was all in French with a lot of arm waving “madame, no no no”. But all turned out well, the more I look at that one shot the more I am pleased with it.

  1. You are the essence of blogging Tahira, when you like appeared on my latest image I thought oh! Where has Tahira been so I flicked across to your shenanigans and scrolled back to find my last visit was the excellent Edinburgh toy shop window. But that was only a month ago and I noted we had each posted about 4 times over that period. But at subtly different times – in summary no surprise I had missed your post, I prompt my visits from the reader – but anyway you always deliver some a quality post, lovely photos which interpret the subject supported by excellent insight – so if I bump in to you in another month then I know I eill have some great catch up posts to read….

    • Why thank you ever so much, Scott! I truly have been very lucky in the fact that I can even engage in these shenanigans – but what’s been even better is having you guys come along on them with me! And it’s funny, I too do “catch up” with my favorite blogs – With some I love coming by to see what’s been happening and with others to feast my eyes on some of the best photography (or when I’m feeling in need of a Scotland fix) 🙂
      So I’ll look forward to the visit next month!

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