Travel theme: Brown


I take it sweet & light, brown like the color of molasses.

“Is there any time in your life when you do not feel the need for caffeine?”
“Sure. Sometimes I’m asleep.”  – Seanan McGuire, Chimes of Midnight

plage de gigaro

I love my coffee. And I will make it or take it in a variety of ways.

But what is always consistent is that I will take it sweet & brown – like the color of molasses.

In this instance, I took my coffee on the Plage de Gigaro in The South of France


In The Kingdom sometimes we modify Tea-Time to Turkish-Coffee-Time

Turkish Coffee & sweets

Turkish Coffe


I take it with sweet, delicious, golden brown, French brioche



Yes, sometimes I even have a Venti Cafe Americano with milk at Starbucks… On a brown, rainy day in Paris…

Because THAT is just what is called for sometimes. Paris or not.

Starbucks in Paris

And, uhm, yes that’s my name in French 😉


This post is in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week: Brown. Click here to see all the other entries including Ailsa’s amazing Brown’s



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