Some Deal-Breakers I’d Like To Talk About… 52 of them…

Today I am going to talk about what I need….In a man…. 52 Deal-breakers

1. I need you to be okay with my need for solitude at times. Whether I go off for a run. Whether I’m writing and creating. Whether I’ve decided to go back to school and have to hole up to study. I need you to not bother me. Okay – You can bother me a little bit but then you have to go off and do your own thing because you are independent and, well, have your own thing, and are not the clingy type or need constant reassurances.

Edinburgh, Scotland


2. Then after you’ve done your thing and I’ve done my thing, I am going to need you to show me some attention and “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love, Like I’m the only one who knows your heart, Only girl in the world…” (Rihanna says it better than anyway I could.)

Scottish Highlands

… and you are gona have to take lots of pictures of me

Scottish Highlands


3. I am going to need you to let me go to the edge. It may look scary and it may not be pretty, but you will have to understand I NEED to go there sometimes. Because your understanding and patience is what will bring me back from that edge.

Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands


4. And you will have to understand that with all my talk about independence and not being clingy or needing constant reassurances – I will need you to need me. And you will have to be okay with me needing you. Even if it’s only to sit and listen…

Calton Hill - Edinburgh, Scotland


5.  And here is a really important one -You can not take yourself seriously. Or for that matter, me.  Above all else you will need to have a sense of humor. And you will need to constantly tell me I am THE funniest person EVER. And you will have to put up with my shenanigans and laugh at them with me and my friends and take pictures of us while we’re doing said shenanigans…


Whisky Tasting -  Edinburgh, Scotland


Scottish Highlands


6. I lied. There is no number 6.  I don’t have 52 deal-breakers. Come on, that’s a lot. Did you seriously think I have that many issues?



    • My pleasure! Isn’t it THE best word?! Another blogger introduced me to it and when I heard the definition it shined a light on everything about my personality.

      And without a doubt, independence and having one’s own thing, are crucial… If there is anything I have learned, its that.

  1. Ok I am waiting for the picture of the guy, sounded like there is one. By the way 6 only he is getting away easy talk to me on that one will you.
    After 32 of marriage I can add 46 and Klaus can probably add another 100. 🙂

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