Photo of the Week: Sitting In The Rain

From now on, each Friday (or there about), I will share a photo with you from my little adventures.


Sometimes, it’s okay to sit in the rain and not run for shelter.

It’s okay to make mistakes ~ What’s important is to remain brave.

Istanbul March 2013

Istanbul, Turkey. March 2013


This thought, from Robert Wilkinson, is so powerful it almost took my breath away.

“…there are times to build, times to maintain, and times for things to fall apart. When something has fulfilled its purpose or life span, there’s nothing left to do but witness the passage with as much compassion, love, kindness, and pure depth experience as we can.”

Why do humans avoid and resist change so much?

“What causes misery is always trying to get away from the facts of life, always trying to avoid pain and seek happiness—this sense of ours that there could be lasting security and happiness available to us if we could only do the right thing.”  ~Pema Chödrön




  1. What profound statements, Tahira. Some of the happiest people have struggled the most and remind us “why the caged bird sings.” Quite a thought provoking picture. Mr. cat looks content. Happy weekend to you. 🙂

    • Hope you had a good weekend too, Lynne. How appropriate too is that quote – Especially the person who wrote the memoir. The thought that anyone can get out without struggle is unrealistic.
      And I would love to join Mr. Cat right now 🙂

  2. There is so much wisdom in those quotes. And I really do have this obviously mistaken idea that if I can just perfect myself enough, lasting security and happiness will be available to me…thank you for this beautiful post.

    • Sara, it’s a great thought but as I go through life I realize it’s just not possible. The idea of ALWAYS being happy is not realistic. There are good days & there are bad days and when we give ourselves a break from feeling guilty for having a bad day is when that bad day becomes not a big deal….
      And thank you for visiting, much appreciated.

  3. I love this! I should send it to my sister…my continued pursuit of running, cycling, etc makes her uncomfortable and she won’t let me talk about it! She enjoys the comfort zone…but you don’t grow if you stay there! Do you get that from people?

    • Interestingly enough, Wendy, I don’t. A while back I came across a quote that went something like “you don’t get to tell people how to love you. You only get to choose to participate in how they love.” There are some people who will never “get it” or “get you” and your love & need of running. YOU have to choose whether to participate in those peoples lives WITHOUT them “getting it”. You can’t make them understand, or get it, or love what you love. For me, the people who want to be involved, are welcome into my universe, and those that are not interested I don’t try to make them interested.

      And thank YOU for being part of my universe 😉

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