Blogging around the world: Tahira’s Shenanigans

Check out my interview with Rochelle over at Unwilling Expat. So excited to see this up!

She has a series of interviews with Bloggers from around the world and I was honored she asked me to participate. I’m in some pretty dang good company.

Image Tahira from Tahira’s Shenanigan’s hiking through Wadi Rum, Jordan

Blogging is about finding that right balance of personality, photography, fun and words to make others want to read and comment.

One of my favorite blogs which has found this harmonious mix is Tahira’s Shenanigans, which I accidentally came across while searching out travel blogs to inspire me and it is a real treasure.

Tahira is a cardiovascular critical care nurse from the States who is currently working in Saudi Arabia and writes about her travels around the world in amazing places like: Thailand, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.

I was excited when she agreed to do an interview with me and she happily answered my questions about traveling and blogging:

Image On top of the world in Scotland

You are a very well travelled person, tell us about the most fascinating place you have…

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  1. Loved the reblog. You’re a celebrity being interviewed and all! 😀 Who would have thunk when I first signed on.
    BTW, I loved the Steinbach book, too. She writes really well and her adventures are almost as good as yours!

  2. So glad you had the opportunity to be a guest blogger, Tahira. Good questions and honest answers. I’ll have to check on the Steinbach book. Mine is Rita Golden Gelman’s, Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World. 🙂

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