Top 10 List of Things I’ve Learned

After 2+ years of travel, of working in the Middle East, and most recently after 1500+ miles (2400+ kilometers) of driving – With only myself for company across the United States (and that’s only 3/4’s of the way through the trip) – I had an epiphany of writing up this Top 10 List of Things I’ve Learned (hey, 1500+ miles is a lot of time with oneself!)

But first, for your viewing enjoyment from the road…

Somewhere near Moab, Utah


Moab, Utah



And now, you ready? Here goes…


Number 1) I got nothing for you.

Number 2) I have learned that I have nothing figured out. And at the precise moment when I believe that I do have it figured out is exactly when I realize I don’t.

Number 3) I have learned it’s okay to not have it figured out. Because in that moment of unclarity, is truly when the most amazing things happen.

Number 4) I have learned I don’t really like Top 10 Lists…. So, I’m stopping here. Have a great weekend everyone! 😀






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