The California Update

It’s slightly over one month since I arrived into California.

I have not blogged about it at all…

Here’s why…


Tulare, CA

This is my backyard – Tulare, California

Modesto, CA

I went Road-tripping through Modesto, California 


Monterey, CA

To get to Monterrey, California


Big Sur, CA

Taking the scenic route through Big Sur, California


Yosemite, California

Got to experience the majestic unparallel beauty of Yosemite


Half Dome, Yosemite

And hiked Half Dome in Yosemite


The Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park

And then visited and talked to the giant Redwoods in The Sequoia National Park


Sierra Nevada Mountains from The Sequoia National Park

And did some hiking through the Sequoia’s. Here I am staring out at the Sierra-Nevada Mountains


Bobcat Point, Sequoia National Park

And found my all-time favorite spot ever – Bobcat Point, Sequoia National Park


I have never been happier. 



    • Sara, you would not regret it! California just keeps giving & giving – It just seems endless. It’s funny, California wasn’t my first choice but everything else that was going on in my Universe lead me here. The Universe knew better than I did – And how grateful I am for that.

      And thank you for coming by. It’s always appreciated.

    • Oh Scott, I would LOVE to let you loose here!! I think you could have some TRUE fun here & I would love to see the outcome!! I’m Travel Nursing and using California as my base… So indefinitely….And back in the USA for good.

  1. If that was my backyard I wouldn’t blog either! I took that drive once to and passed that famous tree. Carmel was just amazing too ! Beautiful , beautiful photos. Welcome back!

    • Thank you, Indrira. It’s much appreciated. I had an amazing time taking the photos – And I’m always pleased when others like them as well.

      Tanks for coming by, that’s always appreciated as well.

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