Photo of the Week: Top 10 List of How To Get Over A Break-Up

I haven’t done a Photo of the Week in some time and I haven’t shared some of my vast wisdom in a long time either. I believe the last time you got a Top 10 List of my smarts was here.

So I’ve decided to combine the two: A Photo of the Week and a How To Top 10 List…

of How To Get Over A Break-Up:Β 

At the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains

At the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains, somewhere very near the Sequoia National Forest

Okay. So this is mostly for the gals.

here goes…

1) Get some new lipstick

2) Get a new hair-style

3) And when a genuine California Marlboro-Man asks you out on a date, uhm, say YES! I did. And I got the above photo on the date. No awkward dinner conversation. No who’s got the bill.Β Instead it was a ride through unpaved, twisting-turning-high-elevated roads through the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.

4) And. That’s all I have for you. If you read my last Top 10 List, you’d know I don’t really have anything figured out.

And I am not minimizing the pain that can come with a break-up. It’s for real, this I know and this I have felt myself. But what I also know is that it does get better. Β And while a Marlboro-Man may not solve all my problems and most likely is not “the one”, the lesson here is to say YES to life… because life goes on.

Oh. Wait. I have a Number 5 for you…

5) Sign up for a Half Ironman. The sheer amount of training needed for 70.3 Miles (113.1 kilometers) is bound to keep your mind off of everything but 70.3 Miles. (And don’t none of you fret – It’s not until August 2015. It’s going to be like having a baby. Just about 9 Months away. So you’ve got plenty of time to hear about me birthing this baby on the Road To Ironman70.3.)


    • Yes! Folsom Lake is practically in my backyard! I’ve only been here a day or two – Still getting familiar with it. I guess another thing I could of added to my list here
      Nbr 6) Leave town
      I can’t believe how serendipitous our lives are, Gunta.
      And I still have to make it up by you, I have not forgotten πŸ™‚

  1. Finally a list of top ten smarts that are actually useful πŸ˜„. Your date sounds awesome – was it on the back of a bike? But the half ironman can be aalll yours lovey πŸ˜‰ gorgeous photo xo

  2. Great to see that you got up and kept going! I agree, a new haircut and look always helps. Love the view in the picture, must have been a great date. Good luck for the half ironman next year! Maybe we will even get to hear small updates about your training every now and then? Doing long distance sports you can learn all kinds of things about yourself – mostly good things!

    • Oh Anna, how true that is about “learning things about yourself” when one puts their mind to training & focusing on a long-distance event. I love most of all learning about the things that I once thought impossible in fact being possible. And I will most definitively keep you guys updated with the training!! Thanks for coming by, my friend. And thank you for the support!

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