What I Love: Tales Of A Wanderer

Sequoia’s do not stand alone. Surprisingly Sequoia’s do not have large, deep roots holding them secure. What they do have is countless outward growing roots that intertwine with their neighboring Sequoia’s, forming a solid hold and foundation. They support one another, holding on tightly in the fiercest of storms. 

Sometimes I put my ear to their massive trunks and I can hear their soothing, solid support, of not only one another but of their support for all of humanity: For all those that stop to listen when in need.

Sequoia in Calaveras California

Even in the deepest of my solitude I have never felt alone standing amongst these amazing giants.

This post is in answer to the many questions I’ve received of late asking about where I’ve been, physically and virtually, and what have I been doing…

While Facebook made things SO EASY to update so many in one place with just one posting, my Facebook account remains disabled and at this time I do not foresee starting it back up any time in the future. Meanwhile my Instgram remains alive and active. I use it mostly for my photography but at the same time give small glimpses of my adventures.

I am training for a Half-Ironman. For those that don’t know what that means:

A Half-Ironman is a total of 70.3 miles(113 km) consisting of a 1.2-mile (1.9km) swim, a 56-mile (90km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1) run. So it’s almost like a second full-time job, this whole “training” business. I’m not updating and posting about the training on the blog because, well, I just don’t have the time. I do have a Coach and I do update my training progress online, but it’s for me and Coach. Certainly the mental aspect of training, the will, the tenacity, and of course the shenanigans, is enough to fill an entire blog and keep myself entertained. Just not now.

There has been an influx of followers to the blog these last few weeks. Feel free to head over to my About page for a quick synopsis of where I’ve come from and how I’ve gotten here. Here being Northern California. A place that has healed wounds I didn’t even know I had and a place that has touched the depths of my soul. A place where I realized I do not need a Facebook feed to keep up. And call me old-fashioned, but I am so liking getting updates and news the old-fashioned way – with phone calls and personalized messages.  And this is a place where I love going into the mountains, or visiting with the Sequoia’s, or taking a 4hour drive using all back-roads that do not have traffic lights or street lights. Three places I so love going to, and three places that basically do not have Wi-Fi. This is a place that made me choose. And I love the choices I made. The mountains. The open road. The woods. 

With a tidbit here and there on the blog…

Hwy 89 California

 Somewhere off of Hwy 89 in Northern California

Hwy 89 California

The open road of Hwy 89

Sequoias, Calaveras Big Trees

Sequoia’s in Calaveras Big Trees



  1. A lovely post, Tahira, so much of which resonated with me. I have a deep love of trees too. So powerful and stolid and grounding, and I love to spend time among them, listening to them ‘speak’ to my heart. And I agree its so easy to get lost in the virtual reality of networking. I have deleted several of my accounts to keep it more simple and less time consuming. I try and remember now to “use it but dont lose myself in it”. And, yes, there’s nowhere like Nature to find oneself and connect with one’s deepest level of being. I know exactly what you mean. Very best wishes with the Half Ironman. You’re braver than me!! Soul love from my heart to yours ♥

  2. Beautiful photography. I know you will rock at the Half Ironman. Perhaps Sequoia’s represent the foundation and people in our lives, supporting one another, holding on tightly in the fiercest of storms.

    • Aaahh. Kato. You know me well. Without even knowing it, even at the intersection of Sheffield & Diversey in Chicago, in Tuzla, in the middle of Bondsteel, in the desert of Saudi Arabia, there have been Sequoia’s in my life. Supporting one another & holding on tightly during those fierce storms. Xoxo

  3. This post really resonates with me, Tahira. There is nothing like the mountains, back roads and woods to anchor one, heal and soul search. You have picked your very own paradise. I too have cut back with social networking. Your commitment to the Half Ironman training is inspiring.

    • Thank you, Lynne. I truly have found my paradise. It’s funny how that happens, the synchronicity of life. One day I looked around and found myself in utter amazement (and wondered why it took me SO LONG to get here – but that’s for another post at another time) and simply felt ‘anchored’. And so grateful that so many, who appreciate the journey, were with me.

  4. Beautiful photos Tahira! I love being among trees too, so soothing, and you don’t feel alone. I wish you the best with your training! We host ironman competitions here in Clearwater from time to time. I am full of admiration for the participants!

    • Isn’t that the truth, Malcolm. I am seeing it more and more as well. But it’s happening because there is a demand for it. I was at Lodgepole in Seqoia Natl Park and there was a family near me who were simply beside themselves, angry, that no one had “signal” on their mobile phones. We should all enjoy it while it lasts.

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