Luck Favors The Bold

Spring has arrived in Northern California

A couple of shots of North Yuba River off of Hwy 49 taken yesterday

North Yuba River, California


North Yuba River, California

Someone said to me “You are so lucky”

You know. I don’t consider myself *lucky*

What I do consider is that luck favors the bold.

I wrote a little about it here (number 3)

Luck ALWAYS favors those that trust themselves, trust their wings, and trust their journey.





  1. Happy Spring to you! We’re expecting 1-4″ of snow today and having it turn into freezing rain. And I was looking forward to planting in my garden. 😉 The incoming weather, however, means that instead of planting – I’m in my kitchen cooking and baking all manner of delicious things to have available for later meals. It’s a little like gardening – just “gardening” in the freezer instead of dirt.

  2. Luck favours the bold! Yes!! I consider myself lucky, but I also know that my life reflects my choices – and we all have an opportunity to make different choices if our lives are not to our liking. And…that river! Amazing.

  3. I was reading some of your older posts and I found the ones about working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia fascinating. I am a nurse of 3 years living in Oklahoma, but I have given a lot of thought to travel nursing when my children are over 18. That would really push me to learn to new things and take me out of my comfort zone.

  4. People say I am lucky. I am lucky in the way that I do have the opportunity to do the things I do-I have no ties or responsibilities or anyone I have to consider but I have made my own choices in life to get to where I am 😉 I agree that luck favours the bold. Your pics are awesome 😉

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