Mt. Shasta Breakthroughs

My blogging radio-silence has been broken!

And it’s all due to this beauty…

Mt. Shasta ~ Northern California

Morning light, Mt Shasta

Many of you know that I am training for a  Half Ironman. What I haven’t shared is what truly goes on behind the scenes of training for such an endeavor.  What really goes on is this; The majority of my days are filled with doubt, oh so much self-doubt and second-guessing. There is immeasurable amounts of frustration, truly immeasurable. There is failure time and time again.  And the mental battles that rage are truly worthy of having me committed to a psychiatric ward. A couple of weeks ago I escaped up to Mt. Shasta, for a few days of hiking, after a deplorable showing at my first Sprint Triathlon (swim 0.5mi, 750meters, bike 12.4mi, 20km, run 3.1mi, 5km) race of the season.

And this is what greeted me on my first morning visiting Mt. Shasta –  How could THIS not put things into perspective? Really.

So with all that goes on behind the scenes of triathlon training, here is what also happens; Breakthroughs. Breakthroughs of comfort zones. Breakthroughs in mental barriers. Breakthroughs in physical barriers. Mental toughness. Since my return from Mt. Shasta there has just been some sort of “shift” a breakthrough in my training, it’s moved to a different level. I’ve heard this so often and it really is true – You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days. 

I am here to tell you to never give up.

No matter how deplorable my showings are, I will never give up. Ever.

“The first and most obvious way to develop mental toughness is to routinely expose yourself to the discomfort of extreme fatigue in workouts. The more familiar these unpleasant sensations become, the better you will be able to push through them toward your true physical performance limits” –Matt Fitzgerald (article is several years old but still right on.)




  1. I’m guessing we saw Shasta from the other side when we visited Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge. That was a truly miraculous experience for me! I’m way too much a wuss to do any half ironman. Not even any fraction thereof! 😀 But I wish you all it takes to achieve your goal! ❤

    • Thank you, my friend! It’s so appreciated ❤
      And isn't she truly magical? Mt. Shasta. Did you know it is an Earth chakra sacred site? Whatever it is, I definitely felt *something". And it got me back on track! 🙂

      • Yes, the I-5 corridor near Shasta tends to play on the chakra thing and I’ve visited that side of her beauty as well. For me personally, the sight of tens of thousands of snow geese blotting out her sacred profile was a lot more “uplifting”… 😉

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