An Ode To Kindness

Mt. Judah Trail, CAMt. Judah Trail, Truckee California

Triathlon is a solo sport. And there are no MP3 players or any audio devices allowed on an Ironman course. So I’ve been training for months (and months) with no music, with only the voices in my head. And after all those training hours, and with only three weeks until my race, one thing, one thought stands front and center…

The sheer amount of kindness I have experienced in this journey is utterly breathtaking.


So yes, while triathlon is a solo sport, I would not have been able to get here without the kindness of so many:

∼the numerous strangers who have stopped to help with my numerous mechanical (bicycle) issues while out on the California roads

∼other cyclists who have helped with my flat tires

∼drivers who have stopped and packed my bike into their trucks and driven me back to bike shoppes, my car, and even the hospital

∼drivers who have stopped to offer me water

 ∼drivers who have taken the time to send me a *high-five* or a “go girl”

∼while all ‘bike guys’ are pretty dang awesome this one goes out to my ‘bike guy’ who has delivered my bike time and again exactly when I needed it

North fork Stanislaus River, CANorth fork Stanislaus River, Calaveras Big Trees, California

~my nephew who has agreed to be my road-trip buddy from California to Washington State

~my niece who refuses to miss the party in Washington

~my best friends; my biggest cheerleaders and the foundation of my support-system, traveling from Atlanta, New York and all the way from the United Kingdom

~my big sister and my parents who didn’t hold it against me for taking the training on the road during our family vacation (when these photos were all shot) and for telling me “just keep going”

~all the seniors at the pool I train at, who always open up a lane for me, and who now know more about Ironman than the majority of my friends

~and YOU GUYS, my blog followers

Arnold Rim Trail, Arnold CaliforniaArnold Rim Trail, Arnold California

So yes. While triathlon is definitely a solo sport, I have not gotten here alone.

And I know I will not be alone crossing that finish line

Thank you.

Just. Thank you ♥


  1. Your pictures are amazing.

    You know my motto. It takes a village to train a marathoner. Let’s extend that to an Ironman! I can’t imagine the training you’ve endured. But you’ve got this thing in the bag. You have more mental toughness than I have in my pinky finger. I can’t wait for you to do this!

    • And you my dear friend exaggerate! … than you have in your pinky finger. Ha! Me thinks your little pinky finger can hold a whole heck of a lot of mental toughness! But yes, there kinda has been some ‘enduring’ – a couple of bike crashes, several stitches, poison oak from a *pit-stop*, crazy-ass insect bites on just one leg that have taken weeks to clear up, open water melt-downs, saying “no” to A LOT…. and blah blah …. and you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you. Always. For ALL your support.

      • I simply love sharing in your shenanigans. It’s like reliving my past… except perhaps this ironman thing. My lazy streak would never let me do a thing like that, but I’m with you all the way from my comfy sofa!

  2. Wow, you’re in the home stretch! I’ve loved reading your inspiring words and seeing all your photos on Instagram. I feel connected to you because you’re fueled by the beauty, forests, mountains and vistas of northern California. You’re like a friend I’ve never met! Congratulations on your journey and good luck!

    • Kelly, I don’t remember how I came across your blog at first but what I do remember is thinking “this is a kindred spirit”. I do not believe I could of sustained training anywhere else besides Northern California – Because it was Northern California that fueled me through the toughest parts of the journey.And you are like a friend I have never met but hold close to my heart. Thank you ❤

  3. Great job with all your training, Tahira! Good luck in the actual race, but you won’t probably need it as you will have already done all the hard work beforehand. What a wonderful thanks to your kind benefactors and cheerleaders!

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