Photo of the week: Je t’aime, Paris

You are in our thoughts and always, ALWAYS in our hearts.

The world stands with you.

The darkness, the evil, the hatred will not prevail – it never does.

We stand with you. We love you. ā¤

2015-01-01 Paris

I post this from my phone, which I have never done before. At this moment I am hiking through Yosemite and had the perfect Photo of Week planned from this hike, but I am nixing that photo for now and giving you a photo I’ve never shared anywhere before – taken on the first day of this year, 2015

Hatred and darkness will never prevail.


  1. Love the Paris picture. Too bad you had to post such a beautiful picture under these circumstances. Looking forward to your Yosemite pic! One of my favorite places in the world. I saw they had snow there!

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