Happy New Year, Here Is To 2016


2015 has been the year of truth.

Calaveras Big Trees, California

Truth, honesty, and integrity played such a vital role in 2015, more so than in any recent years past that I can remember. With firsthand knowledge, what I learned is how utterly destructive dishonesty is – In any setting; friendships, intimate relationships, family dynamics.

I look back at 2015 and, somehow, this entire year I’ve been seeking the truth, in many varied forms. I asked the truth from others but I also asked it out of myself. (And, yes, more so than not I asked it out of myself.)   I set out to find real facts but when ‘facts’ are based on lies this is where the foundation cracks, this is where the destruction happens. And this is where the lessons come in – I was only able to see the cracks, the facts based on lies, when I was utterly honest with myself.  The truth can be frightening, but it is never as destructive as deception.

Calaveras Big Trees, California

I’m fairly certain that I was only able to see, so clearly, the cracks (not only in others but in myself as well) because I had some amazing people show up in 2015. Some seeking truth, some bearing honesty, but most of all, most importantly, they came in their integrity. You cannot have truth and honesty without integrity. Even when the truth is more painful than you thought you could bear, when it’s given with integrity it somehow becomes bearable. Shine the light into darkness and the cracks shall be revealed and at the same time do not seem so deep and dark.

So while, yes, there were cracks, dishonesty, and deception in 2015 (hey life is like that – the yin and yang,) when one is honest with oneself another’s dishonesty can only have minimal destruction, if any at all.

So I thank you, y’all know who you are. The ones who showed up.

Happy New Year, here is to 2016, may it be filled with truth, and honesty, and integrity, in all its glory.

Calaveras Big Trees, California


All pictures taken in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Northern California


  1. So ironic that as I was thinking about my 2016 goals, I was just reading about intention setting. And this post appeared in my inbox. Everyone makes resolutions and sets goals for the new year, but how many people set an intention, a guiding principle by which to live their life? I like the idea of pursuing honesty and truth, no matter how difficult that can be at times. But I think that out the most painful times–that is when we grow the most.

    Happy New Year! And I hope 2016 brings you happiness and lots more travels. Keep those beautiful pictures coming!

    • Resolutions & goals ARE great BUT what is truly at the heart of these resolutions and goals is what TRULY interests me. Losing weight, completing a marathon, doing an Ironman, etc….. Why. What’s really at the heart of these “goals”…

      And Happy New Year to you too my dear friend ❤

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