Doubt Can Serve You Well

“And your doubt can become a good quality if you train it. It must become knowing, it must become criticism. Ask it, whenever it wants to spoil something for you, why something is ugly, demand proofs from it, test it, and you will find it perhaps bewildered and embarrassed, perhaps also protesting. But don’t give in, insist on arguments, and act in this way, attentive and persistent, every single time, and the day will come when, instead of being a destroyer, it will become one of your best workers–perhaps the most intelligent of all the ones that are building your life.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

…perhaps the most intelligent of all the ones that are building your life 

DSC_0047_1Yosemite Valley on March 7, 2016

Hi guys! I’ve got a ton of updates and a bunch of stuff I’ve wanted to blog about, but that will all just have to wait due to unreliable WiFi and time constraints. In the meantime here is a shot of Yosemite Valley I took yesterday, 100% unretouched.

I sure do love this place 🙂


    • Oh no, hope you’re feeling better. There’s been a horrible bug going around here as well. Thankfully it’s kept away from me.

      And thank you, my friend. This shot just makes me smile – I’m glad others can enjoy it as well.

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