I like breakfast, pizza, mountains, books, copious amounts of coffee, writing, and the outdoors. I am intuitive, engaging, witty, sarcastic, fun, I am a lot of fun. Crowds are not my thing and small talk is kind of torture. I am constantly growing, learning and expanding. Oh. And sense of humor. Never discount the importance of a good sense of humor. Photography is a big hobby of mine. Road trips. Back roads. I’m okay when there is no WiFi or phone signal. I believe in kindness, above all, kindness. Integrity. And truth. Even when the truth is most uncomfortable. I believe there are really good people out there. And I believe the only thing that endures is change. I am originally from Chicago. I have lived in Europe and in the Middle East. I have traveled extensively. I came to Northern California for work and fell in love with the area and decided to stay.

Hiking in the Arabian desert

In 2012 I set off to Saudi Arabia, to work for one year as a Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse. I ended staying for two years and 3 months. I am originally from Chicago, IL USA. In 2014 when I returned to the USA from the Middle East I decided to take a road trip out West… And I never left. I bought a house in the California mountains. Arnold, California: Elevation 4000ft, population (according to the 2010 census) 3843.

This blog is about that: The Adventure

I am an introvert with extrovert qualities. Which, I have learned has an actual name, an ambivert  n. a person who is intermediate between an extrovert and an introvert.  I do not like small talk just for the sake of talking. I love a good talk/debate on subjects of substance.  I do not like noise. I do not need the TV or radio on at all times. I read, a lot, books on all sorts of subjects.

Sometimes I feel as if I should have been born as a cat. I do not need a pack to roam.  And I have roamed, as you will see throughout the blog. But I am perfectly content to stretch, laze about, nest and settle as well.

Cornfields of Wisconsin, USA

So I invite you to come join me on this adventure. I don’t have all the answers but I promise some fun in trying to figure them out. I don’t know where I am going, or where this blog is going, but I promise you it will not be boring while we figure it out together…

“How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.”

Hiking Marble Falls, Sequoia Natl Park


“My alone feels so good. I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

~ Warsan Shire

Lake Tahoe CA Jan 2015


  1. I wanted to pop in and thank you for the ‘follow’; reading your post and can’t help but think, “how exciting!” I can’t wait to read your posts and see where they lead. This is fascinating! Thank you again, had you not ‘bumped’ into me, I may never had met you.


    • And greetings back to you! Thanks for stopping by & for the follow – it’s appreciated it. And I agree, it is quite the journey I have undertaken. So I welcome you aboard & if nothing else I am sure it will not be boring!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that you describe yourself as an introvert with extrovert qualities! I am the exact same way, though I never thought of it in those terms before!

    I love to travel alone, too, and I am heading solo to Disneyland in just a few weeks to run a half marathon. I am really excited for some alone time! 🙂

  3. Aahh you’re the first Cardiovascular critical care nurse who has a travel blog I’ve come across so far! I specialize in the Pediatric population of your forte =o) Funny 4 years ago someone offered me a job in Saudi Arabia and I never took it! I can live that other ghost life through you vicariously!

    • Hello Antoinette, thanks for stopping by! I LOVE when ones ghost life is found Please come along! But IF you ever decide you want to add Saudi Arabia to your list… your forte is MUCH in need around here! And you get LOTS of time off! And I didn’t purposely intend for this to turn into a “travel blog” – I just wanted a place to keep my friends/family updated on my adventure – BUT I don’t mind that it has because that means I am able to travel 🙂

  4. Hi Tahira,

    I’m really glad you found my blog http://moreimagesfromme.wordpresscom and you decided to follow my work, so thanks for that, it is appreciated 🙂 If you have time, please take a look at my other photo blog http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com this site is for images I take in China; the country I live in and work. I do hope you like that site too :)…You have a really nice blog here, so I too will follow and take my time to enjoy your world.
    Thanks again and Regards Mark.

  5. I feel like we’re kindered souls – I also dislike talking for the sake of talking and actually prefer to sightsee or go alone sometimes. People get so mad if you don’t talk constantly or don’t go out every night! I look forward to reading through your travels. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks very exciting.

  6. Hi Tahira,

    Well we share much in common besides travel since I am cardiovascular nurse as well, although I am not a rock star nor a triathlete!! Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your photographs!

  7. I am also an introvert with extrovert qualities. I am NOT a triathlete, but I am a 5K runner, and 10K Finisher (yay!). I have a fancy phone that I don’t know how to use. I have not travelled very much outside the US and Canada, so I really look forward to learning more about your adventures around the world and back again.

  8. HA! You sound like my twin!! (Except that I’m the cardiac patient! ;P )

    I’m an Introvert with Extrovert Qualities… a Type C personality. I don’t watch much TV – preferring to sit in the silence and “putter”. I work out daily, though my knees have professed their dislike of me running, so I walk, hike, kayak and cycle. I love traveling, the less “touristy” the better – however, I won’t pass up a chance to visit traditional “touristy” areas – because they’re famous for a reason.

    Thank you for following my blog AND – I look forward to reading yours!

  9. Dear Tahira,
    it`s funny where I am living it`s called “The Edge” as well (in literature).
    I like your blog and will come again.
    Have a great week

  10. Hey fun and exciting adventurer… can’t remember if I read the previous version of ‘about’ (I must have since I nominated you for some award that I’ve since deleted at my end)? Love this update because it explains the connection I’ve felt here on quite a few levels… except for the running bit (in my dreams!) Very much an ambivert. Can’t help but wonder if blogging attracts that type, or whether we gravitate towards each other somehow. I’ve enjoyed tagging along on your travels.

  11. Happy to have found my way to your blog 🙂 I can already see we have these things in common “I do not like small talk just for the sake of talking. I love a good talk/debate on subjects of substance. I do not like noise. I do not need the TV or radio on at all times. I read, a lot, books on all sorts of subjects.” I’ve done a lot of work in customer service so I can do small talk, and even enjoy it if the person I’m talking with seems sweet and genuine and if I know it’s just for a small moment 🙂 Loved your photos and the look of your blog, ad the fact that you’re smart, independent and brave, I’m going to follow you so I can have a better look when I have more time (during the weekends)!

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